Bolt Action Campaign: Market Garden (englisch)

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Bolt Action Campaign: Market Garden (englisch)
Warlord Games
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Bolt Action Campaign: Market Garden

Campaign: Market Garden complements the Bolt Action wargame system by providing information and scenarios for games set in the greatest airborne operation ever mounted...

For Bolt Action players Market Garden has it all – daring attacks, determined resistance and heroic last stands by American, British, German and Polish troops ranging from elite veteran paratroopers to novices and from obsolete armoured cars to King Tiger tanks. This volume covers a very short space of time compared to other Bolt Action campaign books – just a matter of nine days in September 1944 – and is focused on a much smaller geographical area; a single narrow route through the Netherlands rather than a broad sweep of very variable terrain across several countries.

The fighting was incredibly intense; you’ll find bullets, blood, bombs, and bravery in abundance. The Allies struggled to keep the road open and the Germans struggled to cut it, so both sides engaged in attacks and counter-attacks over the same ground and therefore faced the same challenges.

Inside Campaign: Market Garden you'll flow through 116 pages full of glorious content, history, stunning art and photography, new rules and units! Here's just some of what you can expect:

  • Campaign Overview
  • Timeline
  • Prelude to Market Garden
  • The Original Bolt Action Scenarios
  • Market Garden Forces (This section includes the American Forces, British or Polish forces, British XXX corps, Resistance fighters, and German forces).
  • 26 scenarios (including American scenarios, British Airborne scenarios, War in a small space: A Campaign Game, On To Oosterbeek..., Driel: Polish Airborne Scenarios, Hell’s Highway: The Road to The Reich, Space-Saving Scenarios and Going Solo...
  • Legends of Market Garden
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