Dungeon Saga Legendary Heroes of the Crypts

Dungeon Saga Legendary Heroes of the Crypts
Mantic Games

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Two of the greatest adventurer heroes of modern times come together in this pack:

Arianya – having tracked down those responsible for the desecration of her home and slaughtered her people, Arianya exacted a terrible vengeance. With no home to return to, nor family to care for, she chose the life of a mercenary adventurer and now travels the length and breadth of Mantica, offering assistance to those in dire need and hunting down evil wherever it may be found.

Venetia – Returning from her quest with armfuls of relics for the Sisterhood, Venetia found that her adventures had changed her. No longer could she simply wander the lands as a travelling cleric, bringing the word and recovering petty treasures for the church. Only facing evil and destroying it utterly could satisfy the burning hunger which now coursed through her veins, and she would rise to become one of the most fearsome hunters of evil of her age.

This set contains 2 metal models, including:

Venetia the Human Cleric
Arianya the Naiad Demon Hunter
Plastic Dungeon Themed Bases

Assembly Required

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