Chinese Power - Limited Edition

Chinese Power - Limited Edition

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Chinese Power - Limited Edition von AK-Interactive

Do you think Chinese tanks and models are not interesting? Wait to see this book … Until now is the most complete, detailed and exhaustive study about PLA for modelers ever done. This book is not only having historians in mind but also for modelers and readers that can be interested to know something more about the Chinese army power. After reading this book many modelers will have much more interest in building a Chinese vehicle as next model. Through its pages we will discover not only the power and main weapons of the Chinese PLA since its origins, but also the way to paint them, showing different techniques and camouflages for the Chinese vehicles. The kits which appear in this book, belong to the main Chinese brands, and makes this book the perfect guide not only for modelers and enthusiasts of Chinese tanks and its strange and exotic camouflages but also for any modelers that want to have a reference book. Modelers and historians like Adam Wilder, Kristof Pulinks, Lukasz Orczyyc-Musialek, Lester Plaskitt, Sven Frich, Zach Sex, Gordon Arthur, Lei Xu, Verlag Jochen,Chris Jerret, Oscar Ebrí, Brian Murdoch or David Bocquelet give us an idea of the quality of this publication that until now is the most complete, detailed and exhaustive study about PLA for modelers ever done.

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