Washable Agent

Washable Agent

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AK hits back with this SUPER special product which CONVERTS any acrylic paint into washable, just think of the effects that can be achieved on any kind of scale models. Add a 10% of this product to your acrylic paint to make it washable. Once the mix is applied you can remove the desired quantity with a brush moistened in water. This product is recommended for winter camouflages, to create any dust effects, or to imitate the lesser quality paints used on some vehicles, for example in the desert where the paint underneath was released little by little. The result is very convincing as it is based on the same principle as the real paint. The possibilities are endless because the effect can be used with any color.

Washable Agent 100 ml

  • AK-236
Artikel-Nr.: 116418
Hersteller Artikelnummer: AK236
Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 12 Jahren.
Hersteller: AK-Interactive
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