Mud. Rust n´Dust Series Vol.1 - English

Mud. Rust n´Dust Series Vol.1 - English
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AK-Interactive, in collaboration with Desert Eagle publishing, presents the Rust n ‘Dust series, where we combine exclusive reference material with modeling techniques. All with a single purpose: that the modeler can build a vehicle in the most realistic way with a lot of precise material and a small step-by-step guide for each technique. Having good references and knowing what techniques to use is the key for modelers, who will provide you with the necessary tools for success.

The Rust n ‘Dust series of books is created to allow you to study the photos and then implement the techniques shown in your models. In this volume we can see detailed pictures of mud in IDF vehicles and an example of application on a Merkava 1/35 scale.

(english, 80 pages & Soft cover)

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